The best way to get your resume noticed is to customize it for each job you apply for. Employers scan through resumes quickly, averaging seven seconds per applicant! If your resume isn’t tailored to list the qualifications that a particular employer is looking for, it will surely get tossed into the rejection pile. Here are four ways to get your resume the attention it deserves so that you can land the job you want.


Stand out

The average job posting receives 250 responses, which is highly competitive to say the least! Many employers and recruiters see so many resumes that they all start to look the same. You need to make sure your resume is somehow distinct from all the others. Use technical language that’s specific to that industry or position to make the reader feel like you have an extensive knowledge that’s suited for the job.


Emphasize your qualifications

Don’t waste time and space outlining an irrelevant work history. Focus on the experience and qualifications you know this specific employer is interested in. Give them the exact credentials and strengths they’re looking for! It’s too hard to find those if they’re hidden in a jumble of insignificant words.


Demonstrate genuine interest

A generic resume that you’ve blasted out to dozens of companies screams indifference. By showing you took the time to carefully plan out your resume and really appeal to this particular employer demonstrates you’re excited about the company and you’re not simply resume spamming as many employers as you can.


Match with automated screening

To keep with the high volume of applicants that most job postings are receiving, many employers and recruiters are using an “applicant tracking system.” It automatically searches for keywords that are most important. If you’re sending a generic resume, it’s less likely to make it through that initial screening.


The easiest way to do this is to review the job posting again and look for the most prevalent keywords that describe the required qualifications and skills. Try to use the same language. Reorder your bulleted summary statements so they match the order of the requirements in the posting.


If there isn’t a specific posting for the job you’re applying for, spend some time on the company’s website to learn the language they use, their mission statement and what they value. Match it as best you can.


To save time in the future, save each edition of your resume that you send out. You never know when you’ll be applying for a similar role and it’s a lot faster to make a few tweaks than to reinvent the whole thing. For more information on how to secure the job you want, contact PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater today.

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