A warehouse is the core of your company! Your bottom line is dependent on constantly moving your product and maintaining meticulous inventory, all within deadlines that satisfy your customers. Even with the latest organizational and technical upgrades, the success of your warehouse is really determined by the competence and proficiency of the people in it. A strong and accomplished warehouse team must work together and communicate to maximize efficiency and maintain reliability.


Hire and retain good employees

To hire good employees, you must first know what you’re looking for. You need to know each position and what skills, experiences and traits would help those employees fit in and become valued team members. New hires at any level and position must have some sort of orientation and training so they can learn their individual roles as well as how their responsibilities fit into the company’s productivity as a whole. The more comfortable and prepared your employees are, the less turnover you’ll experience. Your most skilled and proficient workers are often the unofficial leaders of your team.


Create team projects

If you want to build collaboration and cohesion among your team, organize a team-based project. Design a system that makes employees load, unload, move and organize inventory. By having them work as a team to accomplish these tasks, you’ll be generating team chemistry and causing effective communication among them. You want them to feel committed to one another and to the company goals.


Assess team performance

Give your warehouse team, as well as your whole company, goals that require them to collectively maximize performance. Keep them apprised of their progress throughout the week or month so they can be aware of how their productivity affects the whole organization.


Employee feedback procedures

Comments and criticisms from your staff can be valuable in two ways. First, it keeps your employees happy with a positive work environment and making them feel like their opinions are valued. Second, the on-the-ground information you hear from them is the best kind of data. They might have new ideas and innovative plans that could improve efficiency and develop effective logistics.


Reward team performance

Incentivize your team with bonuses and prizes that are directly correlated to how efficiently they maximize productivity and avoid errors. Again, make these measurable goals public so employees can hold their teammates accountable.


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