If you didn’t reach all your company goals this past year and are ready to make some changes, take some time to review new goals and ideas with your team. Getting ready for the next quarter might require making some new hiring decisions to expand your team, managing work loads more efficiently, and creating a feedback system that allows everyone to perform at their best.

Here are some ways to inspire your team to set higher goals for the new year:

Do a Year in Review

Show your team how they performed over the course of the previous year so you can all get a fair idea of where there may have been setbacks and what needs to happen next. Schedule a company meeting to go over the year in review so everyone can see some of the major milestones, successes and setbacks. Work together to set some new goals for the upcoming year based on last year’s performance.

Offer Incentives

Keep your team motivated by offering incentives as the group reaches certain milestones or achieves certain goals. This might be as simple as paid time off or a company outing, or a monetary incentive where employees receive a bonus if their team reaches a certain goal. This can encourage employees to ramp things up and pay more attention to their quality of work, which can also improve productivity overall.

Create a Progress Chart

Being able to see progress is being made is very motivating for your team members. You can inspire your team to keep forging ahead by showing them a visual graph or diagram of goals reached, milestones, and any other indicators that will help them see they are contributing to a bigger goal. You can use project management software programs for this or create whiteboards in the office to visualize progress collectively.

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