Finding the right employees for your company is one of your biggest challenges as an HR professional. Even candidates who seem to be the ideal match during a job interview can end up being among the first in the firing lineup in a few short months, so you need a plan to hire only the best who will be with the company for the long term. Still, there are certain characteristics you can look for that indicate an employee is the right fit for the position.

Here are some top characteristics of excellent employees:

Good Work Ethic

You can teach anyone a new set of skills, but you can rarely teach someone to work hard and stay dedicated to a job or task. You want to seek out candidates who show they have a good work ethic and are willing to put in the time and effort to get things done.


Even more introverted and less social roles require someone who is confident with himself or herself so they can get help when needed, take initiative, and submit quality work. You want to have people on your team who believe in themselves and their ability to get the job done right.

Positive Attitude

No job is perfect and there may be workplace conflicts and bad days everyone on the team needs to work through. Employees with a positive attitude will have the wherewithal to get through stressful times and keep themselves, and others, motivated on even the toughest days.


Even though an employee may be working closely with a manager, those who are self-motivated and interested in taking initiative will be among your most successful employees. Look for signs of taking initiative and being proactive so you know you can rely on these employees to keep working hard with minimal direction.


Being authentic and having integrity are essential qualities to bring to the workplace. Look for employees who exhibit these characteristics so you can build a sense of trust and keep them for the long term.

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