If you’re back on the job search or you’ve decided to take your career to the next level, make sure you’re making the right impression with a professional resume. Your resume and cover letter are the first things a potential employer will review and are important parts of the screening process. Since many hiring managers simply skim over resumes or take a quick glance at the first page, it’s important to put together an impactful presentation.

Here are some resume basics to update your resume:

Keep It Simple

No matter how much work experience you have or how many awards you have won, be sure you’re making the right impression by providing only the necessary details. Providing too much information means your resume ends up being too long. Ideally, you want it to fit on one page, but you can expand to two if you absolutely need to include additional information.

Make Your Contact Information Stand Out

Hiring managers may be making snap decisions, which means you need to be easy to contact if they decide you make the cut. Make sure your contact information is visible at the top of the page. Consider bolding the text to make it really stand out from the rest of the information on the page.

Use the Right Keywords

Many companies use software programs to identify qualified candidates based on certain keywords. Pay attention to details and use the right keywords and phrases for your industry that will get noticed quickly. Since many companies receive hundreds of resumes a day, do whatever you can to get your resume approved for the next round. Using the right phrases can be a good place to start.

Updating your resume is a necessary first step when heading out on the job hunt.

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