If you’re having a hard time attracting high-quality talent, it may be time to reconsider your hiring process. If you aren’t sharing accurate job descriptions or asking the right questions during the interview, you might find it difficult to fill open positions quickly. Here are some ways to improve your hiring process and attract top talent:

Write Better Job Descriptions

If you’re posting on job boards or updating your company website with employment opportunities, make sure you’re writing detailed and accurate job descriptions. Make sure potential candidates have a clear idea of what to expect and are prepared for the challenge.

Check Social Media Profiles

It’s no secret that hiring managers check social media profiles of potential candidates as part of the screening process. They are looking for any clues that indicate whether the candidate would be a good fit for the company. Even though you can’t discriminate based on a candidate’s gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle and other factors, you do want to make sure you are considering someone who meets certain standards and can be professional online.

Ask the Right Questions

Make sure you’re asking a mix of insightful and generic questions during the interview so the candidate isn’t just answering off a script they might have rehearsed before the interview. You want to challenge the candidate a little, and ask questions that will make them think or solve a problem. The goal is to see how they handle themselves under pressure and whether they have skills that would be valuable for your team.

Give Candidates a Chance to Ask Questions

Many times, the interviewer ends up controlling the entire conversation and the candidate doesn’t have a chance to ask questions. Open up the discussion for the candidate to ask questions so you can engage them in some dialogue outside of the list of questions you prepared for the interview.

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