Serving as a manager can be stressful and full of challenges. If you’re responsible for inspiring and leading your team, you need to develop a sound leadership strategy and address obstacles and setbacks in a timely manner. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom that can help you manage your team like a pro:

Maintain a Solid Communication Strategy

Keep your employees updated on project statuses, deadlines and overall goals. Make sure you have a system in place to convey all of this information so employees feel like they are working together. This is even more important if you have remote workers, since you will have less face time with these employees.

Be Generous With Praise

You’ll be surprised how many employees will work harder when they know they will be recognized or praised for their work. Keep things positive, and improve employee morale by recognizing good work and encouraging others to follow suit. You want to be generous with praise and also provide constructive feedback when necessary. This will encourage employees to perform at their best and be high achievers regardless of what may be going on in the workplace.

Be a Confident Decision Maker

Being decisive is a sign of self-confidence and one trait all leaders need. If you plan on managing your team like a pro, you need to be confident in your decisions and encourage others to believe in your final decision. If you hesitate often, change your mind or simply aren’t sure, you won’t be able to inspire and motivate others to follow your lead. Assert your authority to make timely decisions when needed and don’t be afraid to press ahead even when you feel like you don’t have any support. Trust that your decisions will have a positive outcome and map out your plans to achieve your goals with your team.

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