When interviewing potential employees, there is so much information you want to know, but in a limited amount of time, you want to make sure you’re efficiently targeting the right constructs to evaluate. You want to measure self-awareness, compatibility with your staff, enthusiasm, customer focus, and how they handle direction and feedback. And you can do so in these four questions.

Why should we hire you?

Or, “What kinds of contributions would you make here?” The answers to this question can tell you about their level of self-awareness and preparation. Try to detect how well they’re able to align their skills with the needs of your company. Can they connect the dots of how their experiences and education help to power your business?

It will also show you how well they’re prepared for this interview. Let them demonstrate that they’ve researched your company and put some thought into this potential fit. If they have, this is a good indication that they’re fully engaged in this hiring process and enthusiastic about this position.

What motivates you?

Or, “Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?” Knowing their motivations is a good way to measure their compatibility with your company culture. Are they motivated by money, providing for family, pleasing bosses, or meeting the customer’s demands?

And how they answer these questions is important. If their face lights up talking about future goals, this is a signal that they’re ambitious and could work hard for your company. It can also tell you how badly they want this position and how long they might last there.

Describe a major obstacle you overcame.

You want to figure out how they handle negative situations and setbacks. Do they work hard to conquer them, and are they proud of their achievements? Or, do obstacles totally overwhelm and defeat them into inaction?

Note their attitude here as they describe what happened. It’s a good indication of personality type, level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Are they mature, taking responsibility for what happened, or are they shifting the blame?

How would your co-workers and/or boss describe you?

You want to know about personality and work habits. Their relationship with her co-workers indicates their ability to collaborate with colleagues. Or, are they more of a loner? Either way, you need to determine if they’ll fit in with your company culture.

Their relationship with their boss can tell you how much support and supervision they need. Can they work independently and figure out the next steps on their own or do they need more guidance? Listen for clues about how they handle criticism and feedback. Do they require praise and rewards and can you provide that? How do they talk about former/current boss? Might they be toxic for your company or a supportive team player?

For information on more efficient interview questions that you need to be asking, let us at PrideStaff St. Pete/Clearwater help you. Contact us today!

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