Job satisfaction is important in life. While a job should never define your life, it’s too easy for discontent to spill over into your relationships, your extracurricular time, and even your physical health. In fact, when you’re happy with your job, you’re more likely to tackle other pursuits more vigorously. You’ll be more altruistic and have a greater impact in society. You want a mission in life that you’re excited to tell your friends and family about.

Whether you’ve recently lost your job, you’re just starting out your career, or you’re simply unhappy with your current role, you can take the same steps to land a new position in a career you’ll love.

Begin the Self Discovery

Explore your life — including your younger years — to determine your passions and your curiosities. What do you love to do? What are you fascinated by? What are you good at? What kinds of projects have you most enjoyed? Do you prefer to work independently or collaboratively? Do you need structure or can you work fruitfully without direct instruction?

Don’t let a lack of clarity paralyze you and cause you to remain stagnant. Concrete answers are not crucial at this point.

Explore Careers

Can we find something that aligns your passions and strengths and also meets market demands? Spend time on career websites and on websites of desirable companies to learn about potential job openings.

Maybe try a few new things. If you can, look for internships, temping positions, or shadowing opportunities.

The more time you put into self-discovery and career exploration, the better suited your job will be for your wants and needs.

Develop Your brand

Consider your professional identity and how you package it. Focus on your interests, expertise, and digital presence. Make sure your online profiles are current and unblemished. Make sure you come across as someone others want to work with.

Continue to build your resume with relevant skills, volunteer experiences, freelance work, conferences and networking groups.

Seek Advice

Find people you trust and respect who are more advanced in their careers than you. This should be a support system — do not rely solely on one person. You want a variety of perspectives and experiences, and you don’t want someone to burn out on your consultations.

Keep these interactions positive, don’t come across as a complainer. Show your thanks to these people and let them know how things turn out for you.

Build Your Network

Talk to as many people as you can and connect with key players in the industry or company you’re seeking to join. In addition to online connections, meet people face to face, particularly if they are responsible for hiring. Learn about job opportunities and events and projects you can participate in to build your resume and continue making connections.

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