The class of 2017 is finally graduating! Many will continue their studies in graduate programs, but most will enter the workforce for the first time. It’s not easy to attract millennials, but it’s worth the effort to snag some fresh talent for your company.


Sense of purpose

Know that millennials are passionate about the environment and committed to other social causes. Most millennials already employed say they chose their current company because it offered a “sense of purpose.” Aside from donations, you need to prove you’re a caring company with a cause.

Start with smaller, more localized issues to ensure direct, immediate results. Consider tree-planting, organizing donations, or serving regularly at a soup kitchen. Encourage your employees to participate and follow-through on any incentives you’ve promised. Post pictures, descriptions and any media coverage online to make sure you’re getting noticed.


Social media presence

Fifty-seven percent of job seekers use social media to learn more about potential employers, so you need to establish some online activity. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and your company website to show off your culture. Include pictures and descriptions of staff activities, events at headquarters, off-site activities and information about company involvement in environmental or social causes. For many candidates, this might be their first encounter with your company, so make sure it’s an attractive, up-to-date first impression. This is a great low-cost way to make sure your brand is enticing.


Campus presence

Establish your company brand at colleges. Start with schools that have competitive programs within your industry or alumni ties to your company. Career fairs are a great way to get your business noticed and start meeting soon-to-be graduates. Collect resumes, shake hands and take notes on the most impressive students.

Send executives to speak at on-campus networking seminars and other small events to attract students in a more low-key environment. Use emails to follow up, and personalize them with each student’s major or career interest.


Nontraditional perks

Ninety-four percent of millennials report that companies with nontraditional benefits are more likely to recruit top talent, so make sure your company can compete. Other companies are offering remote working opportunities, up-to-date technology, flex schedules, gym memberships, happy hours and overall positive, collaborative work spaces. While these aren’t feasible for all companies, nor are they attractive to all job seekers, some might be worth the investment just to ensure you’re not losing top candidates because of your antiquated perks.



The majority of recruiters say they have offered full-time internships to recent graduates with the potential for permanent job offers. Most companies would rather hire from a pool of interns who’ve already established relationships and knowledge about the company than fresher candidates unfamiliar with company systems and procedures. Many companies are using internships to build a collection of qualified candidates for future hiring, even if they don’t offer them a position right away.


Don’t miss out an opportunity to recruit great talent from the class of 2017. Be sure to have a strong sense of purpose, social media presence, campus presence and non-traditional perks. For more information on how to hire the most talented new employees, visit the PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater website.


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