One of the great pleasures of being in the staffing business is the fact that we are able to meet and hire a significant cross-section of people in our community who are in different seasons of their life and career.  As you may expect, many of those experiences with our candidates are incredible, rewarding, heartwarming and confidence boosting. Some of the other experiences, however, well let’s just say those experiences have significant growth opportunities and leave it at that.  Regardless, however, we are hiring a large volume of candidates each month are have the privilege of getting to know them beyond their resume.

Frankly, and this may sound a little crazy coming from a recruiter, I believe companies are making hiring far too complicated.  We have lost sight of what truly makes a great employee and I don’t believe you can test or interview for those qualities. It’s the “quality” of the person that you really want to hire, even over skill set and experiences.  Usually, when we talk to an employer about a position, they spend the bulk of their time talking about the skill set, personality, education or work experience that is important to them. At the very end of our discussion, we usually hear something to the effect of: We want someone who wants to be here, someone that isn’t lazy and has a great attitude.  That last statement should be the first statement. As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet many of your most successful hires today weren’t the most qualified on their first day. Instead, they have proven themselves to be better than the rest because of their drive and character, not because their skill set is significantly better than others. Now don’t over hear me, I am not saying skills aren’t important. There are certain minimums skills needed to be successful at every position, but rather the point is that we are looking at pieces of paper for the skill sets, and not paying enough attention to the quality of the person.

One of the advantages staffing provides is trying to find those people who have the drive to be successful because we are able to screen the multiples of resumes you may get for a position.  Do we always get it right when hiring? Not a chance. But I certainly think it provides a better opportunity to find the person who could be your next rock star because of the volume of people we interview.  In today’s employment market, this is critical. As you likely know, our overall Tampa Bay unemployment rate is at 3.8%, even after adding 41,000 jobs in the past year. Now more than ever companies need to find the way to separate out the candidates who are just looking for a paycheck against those that want to provide value and feel valued.  Because of the competition in the marketplace today, finding your next rock star is getting more and more difficult because so many people are already employed and may jump for only financial reasons.  How can you determine that from a resume?

When we receive positive feedback from our clients on a placement we have made, they will ask us to send someone else just like the one we sent. In those situations we have yet to hear our clients ask us to send a similar person over because they tested better than anyone else, or because their resume was better than everyone else, but rather because we were able to identify a person who was able to build  trust quickly because of the quality of their character. They have proven themselves to be extremely reliable in a short amount of time, they care deeply about the assignments given, and they take pride in their work. That is what sets them apart from their co-workers. We found that person because we interviewed them in our office, face to face, and got a measure of who they are.  Again, everyone gets fooled, they provide a great interview and then bomb the job, so we aren’t perfect. But at the same time, that volume of interviews is what raises the potential of finding your next great employee!

If you are a business that is struggling with hiring quality people in the Tampa Bay area, I am happy to sit down with you, at no obligation to you, to offer our insight and suggestions on what we can do to help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at  if we can be helpful to your business.

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