So it’s been a few days since your big interview and you haven’t heard an update. Even if you feel the interview went well, you still get nervous. Relax—this isn’t necessarily a sign of bad news! Remember the interviewing process can take several weeks depending on the size of the company and the number of applicants. Still, by being proactive and sending a follow-up to the hiring manager, you can help to increase your chances of getting a job.

Ask about next steps

Before you leave the interview, be sure to end the conversation by asking what happens next and what the timeframe for hiring is. If they tell you they’ll contact you after a week or two and it’s been three, then it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out with an email and inquire about whether they’ve made a decision. Don’t be pushy, just mention you’re eager to hear back soon.

 Send a thank-you note

Thank-you notes are important, and you should send one to each individual who interviewed you immediately after the interview. Show them you’re on top of things and remind them you’d bring a lot of value to this position. It’s also a great time to mention anything you forgot to say during the interview.

Personalize each thank-you note and don’t limit yourself to emails. Though slower and less practical, a snail mail thank you might make you stand out. Even if you don’t get that particular job, you have still made yourself memorable—people who will be aware of other job openings within the company for you in the future.

The polite, periodic check-in

If things are dragging out and you haven’t heard back, keep in contact and offer something of value to them without requesting something in return. Send a quick email with an article related to something you discussed in the interview, or thank them for some advice they offered you. Keep it short, just a few helpful, non-pesky lines—a reminder that you’re still out there, and they update you if they can. Be sure not to contact them more than once a month, especially if you’re not getting much of a response.

Follow up anyway

Even if you don’t get the job, sending an additional thank-you email restating your enthusiasm for the company can help you in the long run. Say you appreciate that they let you know and you’re still interested in becoming part of their team. Again, make them remember you when a position opens up in the future.

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