Staff meetings can be such a drag if you don’t do them right! But if you make them regular and efficient, they can be a vital part of your team’s productivity and sense of cohesion.

Show your employees you respect their time by starting and ending punctually and keeping them on track. Let them know you expect full attendance to maximize efficiency and communication. Sometimes team members need a chance to connect, even if nothing major needs to be hashed out.

An open playing field

Open communication and cross-talk across divisions is the biggest reason staff meetings are important. Everyone needs to stay informed and share updates face to face. Keep an open forum where everyone gets to participate—to speak and listen. It’s also a great opportunity to work on cross-functional tasks together, brainstorming and innovating as a team.


Open communication helps to orient everyone toward company goals. Sometimes a staff meeting serves as a quick interlude, giving employees a chance to lift their heads out of their day-to-day tasks and learn what’s happening elsewhere in the company. Reminding your employees of what others are doing is a good way to nurture respect and admiration between co-workers.

Proactively hash out problems

 Quick! Before an issue becomes a crisis, talk it out and problem solve! Sometimes a concern can just be an issue of a miscommunication, so by hearing all opinions, major in-fighting can be avoided. But if it does come to that, “fighting” should be facilitated so it’s kept professional.


Sometimes leaders must be seen in order to effectively lead. Rally the troops, clarify the mission and motivate! As a leader, use it as a chance to become informed about daily operations yourself.

When you have everyone together, it’s also a great chance to train, bring in speakers and facilitate team-bonding activities.


Remind your staff they’re a team and all have the same greater goals. Create opportunities to foster supportive relationships and celebrate. Staff meetings should be positive, so unless it involves everyone, reserve critical feedback for more intimate meetings. Celebrate personal and professional successes to help create interpersonal and team bonds.

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