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Why Sweating the Small Stuff of the Hiring Process Makes a Major Difference in Attracting Elite Candidates

Attracting talented and hardworking employees is harder than most assume. The economy has bounced back and high-quality employees have more than a couple options when it comes to where to work. However, the problem sometimes lies with the employer’s nuanced hiring process. If you aren’t asking the proper questions during interviews or providing candidates with honest job descriptions, nabbing and retaining top-tier talent will prove quite difficult. Here are some tips to enhance your hiring process and convince elite employees to join your organization.

Ask the Proper Questions During Interviews

Rattling off a series of typical interview questions is a mistake. Do not make a coveted candidate think your company conducts every interview in the same generic manner. Try to challenge the candidate by asking creative questions that force them to use their problem-solving skills or critical thinking skills on the spot. Cater the questions to the idiosyncrasies of the open position. These questions give the candidate a chance to show how they perform under pressure.
Take a Look at Candidates’ Social Media at the outset of the Hiring Process
Sleuth the web for the social media profiles of candidates before extending job offers. Scroll through their posts to learn more about them. This is an excellent way to determine if the candidate is a fit for your company’s unique workplace culture. If you find questionable material that shows a candidate does not conduct themselves in a professional manner while online, do not extend an offer.

Let Candidates ask Questions

Think of the interview as a dialogue rather than a monologue. Give candidates the chance to pose questions. Their inquiries will prove quite revealing. Candidate questions give you a peek into what they are concerned with and topics that they would like to know more about. If the candidate does not have any questions, it is cause for concern.

Write Detailed and Accurate Job Descriptions

Take the time to write down highly descriptive job descriptions with pen and paper. Write down everything you can think of when describing the open position. Then transfer your notes to an informative and accurate job description on your company website or job board. Such an accurate description gives candidates an idea as to what to expect if they accept the position.

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