Recruiting through social media is a big trend that’s being backed up with positive statistics and encouraging statistics. According to Jobvite, 94 percent of recruiters are currently using social media to make hires. Here are eight advantages social media recruiting has over more traditional recruiting.

Extend your reach

Posting a job opening on social media increases job visibility regardless of background, education, qualifications or geography. People can share and repost on your behalf, and you can reach a broader spectrum of candidates faster.

Screen candidates

Social media guarantees better hires because many of them have algorithms that target certain requirements or specific types of people. Within seconds, they’ve already weeded out the weaker candidates. And with a brief scan of a candidate’s profile, you can gauge their values and interests and determine pretty quickly whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your company.

Save money

Of course, it’s not totally free, but social media is a lot cheaper than traditional newspaper ads and job boards. Plus, it shortens hiring time, filling vacancies more quickly so you don’t have the cost of lagging productivity while a crucial role remains empty.

Engage with candidates

Social media gives you the chance to facilitate more personal interactions, both personal and professional, with the best candidates. Conversations that start on Facebook or LinkedIn lead to phone calls, then interviews and eventually, hires.

Sell your company

Candidates want to work for companies they know and trust, so establish a strong social media presence to increases your visibility and name recognition. Regularly boast about your company culture—how great your values are and all the amazing benefits you offer. Then, when you post a job opening, people will be eager to apply.

Approach passive candidates

You can easily reach out to passive candidates, who aren’t necessarily looking at job boards on a regular basis. This is especially important when recruiting for niche roles like engineering for which skills are rare and more specialized and they’re likely to be snatched up by other employers faster.

Get more employee referrals

Get your staff to help spread the word about the position. Your employees are likely to pass the position along to only the most qualified people because they have too much at stake to share it with just anyone. You’ll naturally attract similar people who will likely fit into the company culture.

Attract up-to-date minds

You’ll be attracting candidates who are already integrating the latest tech trends. You can also determine how frequently they’re using social media trends, how well they write and how effectively they communicate in words.

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