Your brand is really important when you’re trying to get the best of the best to work in your company. Even if you’re able to supply the most competitive benefits, it won’t matter if your brand can’t communicate your company’s values and culture. Here are seven tips for reevaluating your brand to make sure you’re attracting top talent.

Keep your website up to date

Make sure the personas you create for ideal candidates are accurate and up to date, including any employee profiles you post on your website. If you haven’t changed them since your last round of hiring, it’s probably worth it to sweep through them again and update them. Remember that your website is usually one of the first impressions candidates have!

Maximize your SEO

Make life easy for your potential candidates! Identify the keywords they’ll search for and make sure they’re part of your search engine optimization. And the “careers” section of your website should be functional on all types of devices, especially mobile devices. Lots of people use their phones for job searches, so they don’t have to use their work computer.

Diagram the candidate experience

Lay out the typical candidate experience, from their first inquiry about an opening to getting hired. Describe each point as thoroughly as possible and examine it for consistency, tone and sentiment. You want to make sure each candidate is getting the same treatment and the same messaging. It should be welcoming, accommodating and reflective of your true company culture.

Rewrite your job descriptions

Look at your job descriptions and determine whether they’re accurate and feature the key qualifications you’re looking for. Be careful not to be too specific or you’ll end up missing those talented, passionate jobseekers who are missing a qualification or two. Highlight only the skills and criteria you absolutely cannot live without.

Utilize social media

Social media is a really valuable resource for attracting job seekers. But don’t limit it to loud, empty announcements. Make your posts relevant and engaging. Try using blogs, eye-catching and appropriate photographs, exciting news about the company, or even star employee profiles. Make your company seem like an appealing place with a compelling mission that candidates will want to be a part of.

Capitalize on employee referrals and reviews

Try offering cash bonuses or other incentives to your employees who refer quality candidates. They’re the best recruiters you have because they can offer first-hand testimonials and identify people who might be good fits for your company. Then ask your staff to write positive reviews of your company on Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Candidates always use those sites when researching a company, so some glowing and convincing reviews are huge in attracting talented candidates. Again, those reviews might serve as a first impression!

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