Recently, I saw a news report from a newspaper tweet that if every unemployed person in the Midwest became employed, there would still be over 180,000 jobs open.  Based on the “help wanted” signs I am seeing in the Tampa Bay area, and the conversations I am having with business owners, I am beginning to wonder if Tampa Bay isn’t closing in on the same problem. As a matter of fact, in Pinellas County, our unemployment rate has come back down to 3.4 % this month.  Additionally, it was reported that Tampa Bay leads the state in job demand with over 43,000 jobs available. Let’s be frank, there isn’t a shortage of opportunity in Tampa Bay for candidates right now. How can your business find the right candidate for you to hire?

Treat Candidates Like Potential Customers

The staffing industry has done a great sales job of making people believe we have hidden candidates stashed away in a hidden cupboard of talent.  Unfortunately, unless we get lucky, it just doesn’t work like that today. Simply put, finding great people right now is difficult because there aren’t many who are actively looking right now. However, for those that are interested in a new position, they are being very choosy about where they go.  To hire that top talent right now, you need to treat them as if they are a potential customer. Give them every respect you would give a potential customer who wants to do business with you. Put your best foot forward and show the candidates why you are the best place for them to work.

How To Hire Top Talent In 2018

As we continue through the rest of 2018, I don’t see this employee market changing. As a business owner, you are going to have to decide what is better for you, training a person who may not have all the skills you would like on day one or waiting months to find the perfect candidate.  Both options have their own risks and rewards, but the idea that you are going to hire great talent cheaply and quickly is far-fetched.  Here are my recommendations for hiring for the rest of 2018:

  1. Give yourself more time to find the right candidate for your business. Time to hire is longer today than you anticipate.
  2. Look for quality people who may not be perfect for the role today, but can be trained and will be a great long-term addition to your business.
  3. Be flexible. Look for what is driving the candidate to switch roles and solve their pain point. In the recruiting process today, you really need to sell the candidate on your business like you would sell a prospective customer to utilize your business.

Review Your Hiring Process

What may have worked for you in 2012 in finding great candidates may not work for you today.  In 2012, candidates didn’t have the options they do now. There are many companies just like you who are looking for great people to fill their roles. How can you differentiate yourself from those businesses? Realize that your hunt for new employees is a competition. You are in a competition every day to attract the best in your industry to your business. To be competitive, review your internal processes for hiring and determine where, or how, that system can be adapted to fit this market.

If you are looking for a firm that you would like to partner with and who can help you navigate the current job market transparently, please feel free to reach out to us to have a confidential and complementary discussion about the role(s) you are looking to fill! If you would like to learn more about PrideStaff call us at 727-748-4141.

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