It takes a lot of patience to be successful in customer service. You have to listen and respond in a way that’s acceptable to the customer and falls within company guidelines. You don’t want to lose customers or cost your company money! Here are seven skills needed to master customer service.

Be patient

Patience is the absolute most important quality in an effective customer service rep! You have to deal with people who are upset, confused, frustrated and even angry. Listen to their concerns and maintain your cool, so you can respond clearly and timely. Take your time and be attentive so you understand what happened and what the customer wants.

Communicate clearly

You need to explain company procedures and policies clearly so there are no additional complaints to customer service. Most customers are willing to forgive one mistake, but if you keep piling on additional errors and misunderstandings, you’ll likely lose their business. Over-explain instead of glossing over technicalities or skipping over details. The customer should feel reassured and confident their concern has been validated and resolved.

Know what you’re talking about

You need to be prepared to answer questions about your products, so you really need to know how they work and what troubleshooting procedures exist for them. Otherwise, you’ll be useless when a customer calls and asks for help.

Be a positive actor

No matter what, remain calm, even when dealing with the most difficult customers. Keep smiling and act happy without being patronizing! Frame your replies so they sound as positive as possible. Choose your words carefully so the solutions you propose sound like grand favors and opportunities to the customer. It helps to be persuasive!

Manage your time

Spend enough time with each customer so they feel validated, but not so much time you’re neglecting your other callers. It’s a tricky balance. You have to recognize when a problem is over your head and not something you can help with. In those instances, transfer the call to a more senior or knowledgeable rep.

Read the mood

You have to be able to determine the customer’s mood—often without seeing their face and sometimes without even hearing their voice. By understanding their level of comprehension, patience and humor, you can figure out how to respond so they’re satisfied.

Close the deal!

Have a goal in mind when helping a customer and when you reach that goal, be able to end the conversation. The customer should be satisfied and feel assured that everything has been taken care of.

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