Some of the most successful brands intentionally create opportunities for their employees to grow. It keeps employees motivated, engaged and, best of all, employed at your company! Don’t let valuable talent slip away! Show them how they can create value at your company by making it a safe, supportive place where they can innovate, learn and be appreciated. Encourage new ideas and provide the resources to experiment. Here are four ways you can recognize your employees’ efforts and lay out the next steps in their careers.

Let your employees be their authentic selves

Employees have trouble being engaged if they feel they can’t express themselves. When they’re able to show their true personalities, senses of humor and innovative ideas, they establish deeper connections to their co-workers. Those connections grant them the security to take chances on creative ideas, but they need good leadership that demonstrates humor and vulnerability. Employees will follow leaders they feel they can trust and respect.

Give them the chance to innovate

Great ideas can come from anywhere in the company—from senior leadership to the lowest person on the totem pole in the warehouse. If you can create a formal program for employees to submit suggestions and be recognized for their successes, employees will continue to strive for success. You never know where true talent might lie buried in your company, so give everyone the chance to be discovered! Support great ideas with the necessary resources to test them out and cheer on your employees behind those ideas, so they don’t fizzle out.

Let them experiment with technology

There’s a lot of value in giving your employees the opportunity to experiment with new technologies. Invest in new devices and systems, like voice devices, connected cars or facial recognition, and let your employees figure out how those things can make your processes more efficient. Even if you don’t see how the newest automations might boost your bottom line, by letting your employees play around with them, they might discover something that saves time or money.

Tell your story

There are tons of companies in your industry, and they’re all competing with similar products for the same customers. You need to distinguish yourself by having a good story. It can be the saga of how your company came to be—how you invented your product or how your partnership was formed. Or it be the story of how your products and services enhance the lives of your customers. No matter the story, it helps brand you. People identify your products with the story they hear about you, so give it an uplifting message with a happy ending. The world belongs to the storytellers!

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