As a manager, there are several different styles you can choose to operate with. And your door becomes a tool in your management style. A door that’s always closed tells your staff you’re disengaged or disinterested and hints at secrets and negativity. But if you leave your door open, your office becomes a transparent space that makes your employees feel trustworthy and comfortable, which can be helpful for engagement and motivation. Here are four benefits to an open-door policy.

Be more accessible

When you’re accessible, your employees are more likely to feel comfortable stopping in for a quick conversation. They might want to share good news, check in about a difficult situation or make a suggestion about an innovation they had. As a manager, you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s happening in your department. And that innovative idea might just save you time or money!

Establish an open flow of communication

When you’re available for informal conversations, you establish two-communication as a normalcy. Your employees will feel comfortable bringing you suggestions and concerns as well as receiving feedback and observations from you. This open dialogue can lead to really constructive changes for the company or for an employee’s performance. Your open door shows you’re involved and you care about your team and the well-being of the company.

Get information more quickly

If your door’s open, an employee can stop in as soon as an issue arises or they come up with an innovative idea. You can step in and solve a problem immediately or help support that new idea with resources or the space to develop it. If you keep your door shut, employees will never want to knock about even the most urgent of situations, worried they’re interrupting something.

Develop closer working relationships

Whether your door is open or shut contributes to your company culture. An open door creates a friendly, upbeat and transparent environment. People can interact in a friendly, informal manner. By doing so, they create trusting relationships and friendships, which are important for keeping your employees happy and engaged. They’ll want to come to work when they know they’re welcome and accepted and have people who like to be around them. So break down that barrier and open the door!

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