It’s important to establish a solid relationship with your boss. After all, your boss might hold the key to your next promotion! You want to have an authentic relationship, with foundations in trust and respect. Once that connection is made, open communication can be established, you can streamline efficiency, boost productivity, not to mention…

Initiate regular check-ins

Your boss will appreciate being kept in the loop on your projects. Give status updates and present any ideas for the future. They can help you troubleshoot any issues you’re running into, foresee potential conflicts and direct you towards any shortcuts. It’s also a chance for you to show you’re passionate about the business, that you’re prioritizing company goals, not to mention brag about your successes. Once a month should be sufficient—your boss is probably busy, but they’ll appreciate your initiative!

Show off your innovation

Managers and supervisors love to have employees who are creative, motivated and productive! Always be thinking about ideas for new projects, services, products or more efficient procedures. Your ideas can help you, your boss and the company be more successful. Keep a list of your ideas, so you always have something to share at your next meeting with your boss. Your passion and enthusiasm will show you’re really committed to the company and might even be ready for advancement.

Seek open communication

It’s important to have a transparent, honest relationship with your boss. They should be able to give you praise and constructive feedback you can handle in a mature and productive manner. You should also feel comfortable giving your boss your candid and honest opinion. If you feel he’s wrong about something, let him know—tactfully, of course. Remember, you were hired because you’re qualified and experienced. Your company trusts your judgment—sometimes you have a unique perspective on a situation and your boss need to hear it. It would help if you can propose an alternative solution or idea. It’s how you continue to add value to your company.

Develop a personal bond

You don’t have to be best friends with your boss, but it’s important to connect on a personal level. Ask about their weekend, their summer plans, or their family. Show you’re interest and that you care. They’ll appreciate you recognize them as a human!

Be authentic

 You have to share your humanity, too. Sometimes your home life or your personal feelings about the office spill over and affect your productivity at work. Let your boss know, so they can sympathize and understand your situation. They might even be able to help you problem solve. Ask for help when you need it and your relationship with your boss will improve!

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