There is a common misconception that certain buzzwords will catch the eye of a hiring manager. The truth is that these words can backfire in a big way. If any of the following words are featured on resumes sent to your office, exclude these candidates. Better yet, outsource the hiring process to our staffing agency in Pinellas County so we can pinpoint the optimal candidates for your open position(s).

“Outside the Box”

Think back to all the times you have heard people on TV, the radio, and elsewhere stress the importance of “outside the box thinking.” To say this phrase is overused would be an understatement. It has become so commonplace that it is now ironically within the “box” it is meant to criticize.
Candidates who have this overused phrase on their resume are potentially generic, lacking in creativity, and could even be intellectually lazy. The better approach would be to provide examples of creative approaches used to solve complex problems, rather than simply stating that one thinks “outside the box.”

“Thought Leader”

Thought leaders do not tout the fact that they are such. True intellectual trailblazers provide examples of how their hard work has led to results. A job candidate who states he or she is a thought leader is merely trying to capitalize on buzzwords. The bottom line is the term thought leader is a catchy phrase that does sound meaningful but does not mean much to our staffing agency.


Detail-oriented means different things to different people. Some construe this term as another way to state an applicant has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Our staffing agency in Pinellas County also flags this phrase because it could indicate that the candidate struggles to express him or herself in a creative manner. A resume should demonstrate attention to detail by providing examples of how their laser-like focus has made money for their employer.

Pridestaff is the Staffing Agency in Pinellas County You Have Been Looking For

Our staffing agency in Pinellas County connects local businesses with hardworking personnel. If you need one or several new employees, Pridestaff will filter the resumes so you are left with the cream of the crop. Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. You can contact us at (727) 748.4141.

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