At a call center, you would think that internal communication may not be necessary, but good internal communication is essential to run any tight ship. If your employees are unhappy with each other or feel isolated, that can affect their performance. There are many ways to improve communication within the workplace, here are some that work well within the call center.

  • An open environment is created through repetition. You need to be sure to communicate internally on a regular basis. Talking on a regular basis will make employees more comfortable with the idea, and they will be more likely to participate in the long run.
  • Have a no tolerance policy for negative speak. Have a system in place to remove negative speak from the workplace. When employees are verbally abused by their coworkers, they are more likely to underperform and eventually quit. The bully will then find someone else to pick on. Cutting out the source of negative talk is an excellent way to get everyone to come together.
  • Design a break room where employees feel like it’s all right to sit down and chat. If you have 100 employees and a break room with one table in it, employees are going to feel like they need to sit at their desks to eat. One table creates the feeling that the table should be saved for another person. Creating a friendly atmosphere in the break room will let employees know that they can sit down and chat with fellow employees.
  • Allow easy access to management. When managers all leave their doors shut, this creates a sense that managers do not want to be disturbed. Leaving doors open, or having someone on the floor at all times gives employees the knowledge that their ideas and problems matter.

Running a call center is not easy, but if you get the employees talking and comfortable in their spaces tensions will be decreased. Try out some of these ideas in your call center. If you are looking for call center staffing in the Clearwater or St. Petersburg areas let Pridestaff help you. We are a full-service call center staffing firm with the best people in the area waiting for you. Call today for a free consultation at (727)748-4141 or fill out our contact form; we look forward to hearing from you!

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