A good sales team can make or break your company. Business customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and better informed, so you need salespeople who can adapt with more contemporary skills. Here are five tips for hiring a high-performing sales representative.

Establish his credibility

Pay attention to how your candidate tells stories and sells them. If they seem to oversell, exaggerate or tell stories that don’t add up, chances are they’ll do the same when they’re trying to sell your product. If customers question their credibility, they won’t trust them enough to buy from them. A good salesperson needs to be likeable and trustworthy.

Look for a consultative approach

A successful salesperson is one who can truly work with their customers to understand their needs. They should be asking questions of the customer, listening and showing an authentic desire to help the customer solve their problems. By having a meaningful conversation, the salesperson can establish whether they have products or services that match what the buyer wants and find a way to find a deal that works for both parties. Ask them to define “consultative sales” or role-play a sales meeting to determine whether they ask thoughtful questions of the customer.

Diagnose their sales process

An effective sales professional has a structured sales process they outline ahead of time, so you want to make sure anyone you hire has such a process and sticks to it when they’re in a sales meeting. You want someone who pays attention to the details but doesn’t pay such close attention they get lost and overwhelmed by facts and figures and never makes any progress with the customer. A good salesperson has an approach that’s effective, customized and repeatable.

Validate their work history

Salespeople are salespeople, so when they’re interviewing with you, they’re constantly selling themselves, boasting about their accomplishments and work ethic. Great. But make them prove it with documentation. Ask for W-2s, quota reports, award certificates or trophies, or anything else that validates their claims about their achievements.

Be discerning

Even if you’re desperate to add some new salespeople to your team, remember you must have standards. Hold true to those standards and don’t settle for someone who’s not truly qualified or doesn’t have some of the intangibles you usually look for. Regardless of how badly you need new salespeople, if you hire someone who isn’t effective, who’s not ready to start parading your product around a tough market, chances are they won’t make any sales and you’ll be looking to hire someone else in a few short months.

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