Good accountants can be nearly impossible to find these days. Why waste time going through numerous applications and screening potential employees when you can get the best ones that fit your needs with the aid of an employment agency. Here are some reasons to work with an employment agency to find great accountants for your firm.


Employment agencies have the experience necessary to find and recruit accountants at all levels of the profession. Each accountant is vetted and categorized into groups of abilities and availability. Once you make the call to work with an agency, your specific needs are matched up with accountants in the database. Once you are matched, you will be sent profiles of the best accountants for the job. Pridestaff will be there every step of the way to ensure a seamless onboarding process. If one accountant does not work out for one reason or another, you will be sent another ready to work. There is a lot of talent in the St. Pete area; you just have to know where to go to find the best.


Working with your employment agency gives you the flexibility that you need in the accounting business. Accounting firms often have busier times of the year than others. You can take full advantage of the easily hired short-term help for the times that you need it the most. Many times the same seasonal workers that you had before may be available for the position again. This makes training much easier for you and your firm.


Pridestaff will be there through the whole process with you. Pridestaff conducts regular check-ins on how placements are working out for you. It is imperative to Pridestaff that all of your needs are met throughout your relationship with us.

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