Presenting a solid resume when you’re hunting for the perfect job is important. Not only do you want to feel confident and totally prepared for a potentially grueling process, a good resume is often the first thing a potential employer learns about you. It’s your foot in the door, what will get you noticed and separate you from the rest of the pack. Here are some tips for the three R’s of resume writing—relevance, results, and realism.


Focus on what the employee is looking for, not what glowing accomplishments you have on your resume. Those are important, too, but you also want to echo the language and requirements from the job posting. Highlight the details about yourself that are most relevant to the employer. Which of your skills, qualifications, and experience are the best match for the employer? Make sure these are the ones that jump off the page upon first glance. It should only take the reader a few seconds to learn you’ll add value to their company.


Focus on specific results from your career. Highlight the good things that happened when you did your job well. Did your company save money? Were you more productive? Did your team boost its sales performance? Be specific! Offer precise numbers, measurements or percentages to prove your efforts benefited your company. The results are your finish line! They’re the successes and accomplishments you’ve had at work that demonstrate what an effective employee you’d be.


Be realistic. Though job seeking inherently means you’re always reaching for your next challenge, don’t exaggerate your qualifications. You can’t fake your skills, education or experience, and if you can’t perform as they expect you to, your new employer won’t be thrilled. Plus, do you really want to be hired for a job you’re totally unprepared for? If a prospective job seems like a reach, show off your soft skills instead. Your employer can always help you get more training and develop new skills that are relevant to your new job, but they can’t teach you those other valuable character traits like hard work, effective communication, friendliness, confidence and the ability to persevere.

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