To grow your company and guarantee its success, you have to be forward thinking, staying ahead of trends in your industry. But you can’t do it on your own! You have to develop a company culture that encourages and rewards innovation. You need to be constantly generating new ideas about products, services and business practices that can propel your company ahead. Here are some tips to help boost innovation in your company.

Lead by example

The leaders in your company have to inspire innovation first. Reassure your employees that it’s okay to take risks, ask questions and try new things. Which means you need to be doing these things yourself! Share your results and what your learn at meetings, so your team knows about it and will follow your example, knowing that it’s okay to sometimes make mistakes. Keep communicating your company’s mission and goals, so your employees are clear on what they should be aiming for.

Establish an innovative culture

Let your employees know it’s okay to think outside the box. Some of the best ideas have come from creative innovations that were developed outside of the normal operating procedures. Don’t let your employees worry they might get in trouble for trying something new. Praise the process and convince them you’re more concerned with outcomes than with unconventional thinking or breaking the rules. Let your employees know you value efficiency, productivity and growth. Reaching those goals might mean certain failures along the way, but you can’t make progress if you don’t try.

Encourage risk-taking

Inevitably, mistakes will be made, but you have to tolerate them. If your employees are fearful of your wrath, they won’t present new ideas to you. Encourage brainstorming sessions and set up opportunities for them to share their ideas with you. Without squashing a budding idea, help them generate a list of benefits and possible pitfalls. Then, give them the green light to pursue the idea, supporting them with necessary resources, information and personnel. When you, as a leader, oversee some of the beginning stages, you share in the responsibility and show your support, encouraging your employees to run with the new idea.

Keep challenging your team

Once you’ve established a culture where it’s normal to experiment and make mistakes, you have to keep challenging your team. Find new places where improvements can be made and encourage your team to change those concepts for the better. Eventually, they’ll adopt this mindset and you’ll be able to trust them to aim towards sustainable growth without too much oversight.

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