There are a lot of good reasons to socialize with your co-workers, namely that it leads to greater engagement and greater job satisfaction. But at the end of your workday, all you want is to head home and have a quiet night—or at least not think about anything work related for the next 15 hours or so. But socializing with your co-workers can lead to increased happiness, health and even a better home life. Here’s why you should socialize with your co-workers.

Better employee safety practices

When you hang out with your co-workers, you make mental and emotional connections with them and as a result, everyone’s more aware of their surroundings and more careful on the job. Fewer safety incidents occur in highly engaged workplaces. Employees then feel more secure, more trusting and they can focus on the task at hand.

Improved employee health

When you’re more engaged, you’re more likely to eat healthy and exercise. Companies that are able to engage their employees in their work are the same companies that care about their well-being—offering fresh fruits in the break room and offering flex schedules.

Happier employees

Employees who are happier and free from high stressors tend to save their companies money. Happiness and a sense you’re adding value to your company leads to greater employee satisfaction, thus furthering your sense of engagement at work.

Better home life

When you experience positive encounters at work, you come home in a better mood, you’re a better companion to your significant other, and are more effective in your home environment. Instead of coming home drained and pessimistic, engaged employees come home recharged and with enough energy to play with their kids and contribute at home.

Better attendance

Employees who are engaged and feel an emotional connection to their co-workers care about the success of their team, meaning they’ll show up and do everything in their power to make sure they succeed. They’re committed to the mission and motivated to achieve set goals.

Lower turnover and greater employee loyalty

When employees enjoy their work, feel they’re treated with respect, and know their skills are being properly utilized, they’re more likely to be loyal to their company. They care about the success of the company and feel they can make a difference there. However, if they don’t feel challenged or appreciated, they’ll start to look for new job opportunities.

Better bottom lines

When you socialize with your co-workers, you form an emotional connection with them, and you feel more engaged and invested in your work. Engaged employees lead to better service and better quality of your product, which leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased sales and higher profitability. Those higher profits will keep your company on a steady, upward trajectory.

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