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From hunting the best candidates to scouting for talent, working with an employment agency is one of the most useful platforms for recruiting new workers on your team. Today organizations are relying on the competence of employment agencies to find the best talent in their market. Did you know that the growth in the US employment market has expanded from 3% to 4% this year as indicated by SIA reports? With an improving economy, the industry’s total revenue is set to improve by 3% and hit over $150 billion by 2019.

These statistics point to the fact that employers are increasingly using employment services to boost their workforce. Are you wondering how such an agency can help you as well?

Here are 5 insights that will help show you why an employment agency may help your bottom line:

Employment agencies can connect you to the right candidates

For most companies, hiring the right employees is quite an expensive and time-consuming task. Luckily, an employment agency can take this arduous activity off your shoulders. They are constantly sourcing candidates on your behalf and will only connect you with candidates after a thorough interview. Meanwhile, you will continue to do the things you need to do to grow and strengthen your business. By using a recruitment agency you allow yourself the opportunity to continue to do the activities you do every day that builds your business.

If you use a value-based staffing firm that understands your business, they can better filter the job applicants for you and save you time, effort and money in the long run. A temp to hire employment agency can also act as an insurance policy for you. If the person you interviewed doesn’t turn out to be the employee you expected, all of the unemployment issues, tax follow up falls on the agencies shoulders, not yours. This doesn’t even take into consideration, what if you hire the wrong person yourself? All of those costs now double for you it bleeds profits from your bottom line. Using an employment agency is like an insurance policy that helps you cap your expenses.

Filtering through countless resumes and cover letters

The majority of job adverts are geared toward attracting applicants. Most of the applicants may not match the advertised roles. A lot of time is required to filter, match, assess, and communicate with them. The last thing you want is a bad candidate experience. Time and again we have heard from businesses who posted their job on one of the may websites only to get hundreds of resumes, yet nobody qualified.

Professional recruiters are interviewing candidates every day. This is what they do. When they have the right criteria and the right time frame, they can find you a great match for your role. And when they do, you’ll receive candidates and not mere applicants. An employment agency pre-selects jobseekers on your behalf and ensures that they match the criteria you are after. Every minute you spend reading a resume is a minute lost growing your own revenue in your business.

Employment agencies have an extended reach

It is not easy to find the best talent for specialized roles in your business. Some candidates are very selective and may not respond to your advertisement. Sure, the people who are looking for work may respond to your post, but a great recruiting firm is also searching for those people who may be interested in moving positions, but not actively looking today. The best thing about an employment agency is that they have extended networks to utilize when they are recruiting for you. They don’t just search job boards, they also reach out to contacts, other candidates, similar businesses to find the best candidate for your role.

Note that you are not obligated to keep candidates that a recruitment agency offers you. If they don’t match the vacant position in your company, you have the right to dismiss them.

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