A good administrative assistant is the backbone of a company. They keep things running smoothly and take care of unseen business, often without receiving any type of credit. Finding someone with basic IT skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and an attention to detail isn’t easy. Here’s how you can hire the right administrative assistant for your company.

Understand their role

They take care of the daily jobs around the office—everything from watering the plants to preparing reports. They’re often the face of the company, receiving most of the outside phone calls and visitors.

Know when it’s time to hire

You’re probably ready for an administrative assistant if you constantly feel overwhelmed, having to sacrifice the energy you could spend on planning and strategy in favor of handling administrative jobs. Or if there are administrative tasks—phone calls, emails, filing—that aren’t getting completed or are getting completed poorly, it’s probably time to hire.

Craft a thorough job description

You have to post the perfect job description to hire the right person. Give an overview of the post, list the required skills and any other important details like salary range or perks.

Know which skills to look for

An administrative assistant needs to have sufficient IT skills using software to make spreadsheets, manage databases and even handle social media accounts. Communication skills are a must as they’ll be needed to send out staff emails and emails with clients and customers. They have to be organized, pay close attention to details, and manage time well. They’ll oversee a calendar of events and deadlines and need to be apprised of other employees’ schedules. And more than anything, administrative assistants are the office problem-solvers! They have to think on their feed, stay positive, diffuse sticky situations and fix small issues before they turn into big problems.

Draft the best interview questions

Interviews are a great opportunity to test the candidate’s interpersonal skills. You can see how friendly, responsive and accommodating they are. The best interview questions are the ones that propose a hypothetical situation to have the leading candidates demonstrate their skills. This is a chance for them to think on their feet and set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. You could have them draft an imaginary email, pretend they’re answering the door or ask what they would do in certain sticky situations when their attention is pulled in several different directions at once.

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