Teamwork in the office is the best way to maximize efficiency on a big project, but it’s oftentimes difficult for managers to inspire such cohesiveness. Sometimes it gets confusing to worry about the direction of the group while simultaneously managing distinctive personalities and holding individuals accountable. But teamwork yields trust, honest feedback, efficient divisions of labor and skills and increased productivity. Here’s how to foster teamwork to get better results.

Hire the right people

Make sure you have all major roles filled and have the right people in each role. If it turns out that someone’s skills aren’t properly matched to their responsibilities, switch it up, so you don’t waste time heading in the wrong direction.

Develop good relationships

Get to know every member of your team and make sure all your employees form strong bonds. You want to foster mutual respect and trust, so your employees feel comfortable sharing and voicing concerns. Encourage your employees to socialize and build relationships outside the office—a lunch outing or an afternoon happy hour works great.

Establish rules

Figure out who’s responsible for what, figure out who reports to whom, and what to do when there are disagreements. Who makes the final call when there’s an issue?

Agree on a team mission

When you start a team project, the overall mission must be clearly expressed so everyone’s on the same page and you clear up any misunderstandings. Give the team a chance to ask questions. Maintain an open line of communication so they can come to you with concerns any time they arise.

Encourage sharing and contributions

Brainstorming sessions can be effective as long as everyone feels safe enough to contribute. It’s your job to make sure everyone’s ideas are respected, and no one feels embarrassed or annoyed. Encourage all team members to share their ideas, so all viewpoints and opinions are heard from.

Set goals and deadlines

Establish goals and milestones for the project, and periodically check in and make sure everyone’s on the right track. Map out individual goals and team goals with deadlines, so you can keep everyone accountable. If everything isn’t planned out ahead of time, you risk certain pieces slipping through the cracks.

Add it to the performance review

If you really want to prioritize teamwork, add a component to your performance reviews that measures whether an employee contributes to the team goals. Be specific about their strengths and areas for improvement to determine whether their teamwork capabilities are continuing to grow.

Ensure clear communication

Maintain open lines of communication so misunderstandings get cleared up as soon as possible. Make sure important emails were received and the details were properly understood. Use direct face-to-face communications as much as possible because messages are less likely to be muddled or confused.

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