Let’s be frank, the job market is HOT and yet some are still be struggling to find their next role. It’s difficult because if you listen to the news reports there are jobs everywhere for virtually every industry at every level. Unemployment levels are at record lows and wages are starting to finally move in the right direction. Yet, there are still candidates struggling to find their next role.  Does this sound like you? I’m assuming if you are reading this article, it does!  Here are some suggestions you should consider for your own job search.

Not getting interviews?

Think of your job search this way: If you are a professional sports fan of any sport, you know that when a free agent hits the market, the team that signs that athlete is not signing them to a big contract because of what they have done, but rather what they WILL do for their new team.

Your resume is similar in that it will tell your prospective employer what you have done. But, it also needs to showcase what you can do for the new employer. Are you in a similar type of role right now? What types of tangible accomplishments can you list that fit the position you are applying for? Are your skills up to date with what the role you are applying for is trying to accomplish. Don’t just rely on what you have done, that won’t be enough. You must help the manager see how you will be successful in the role if they hire you today. Study job descriptions and information online about the company and try to tailor your resume to give them tangible evidence you have the skills necessary for the role.

Getting interviews but not getting the job offer?

If you ever watched the NFL you would know that Brett Favre is an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers.  At the end of Favre’s career, the Packers decided Aaron Rogers was better for the franchise moving forward. While you can’t argue with Brett’s career accomplishments, what the Green Packers moved forward with was the potential of Aaron Rogers. Professional sports are littered with stories like these. The interview process you go through is no different.

If you made it to the interview, then the hiring manager already believes you have the skills needed for the role. Now the questions change to these: How will they fit with the rest of the team? How will this person fit with my personality and attitude? Out of all of the interviews conducted for this position, who do I believe will have the highest likelihood of being a tremendous success?

Not getting the job offer does not necessarily mean you did something wrong. It just means the hiring manager was better for the role.  The only thing you can do is evaluate how you are approaching the interview process. Are you asking enough questions to get a clear picture of what the hiring manager is looking for? Are you tailoring your answers to what you “can do” in the new role or are you relying on what you “have done?”

Yes, the job market is great, but finding the right role for you is still not easy!

Finding the right next step for your career is not easy, even in a candidate friendly job market. Competition is still fierce for the best roles out there. How you position yourself as the person who will be the most successful in the role going forward is critical to your success at landing the position in the first place.  Do not rely on your accomplishments! While those are great, they are from yesterday. Companies are hiring you based on what you will do for them tomorrow!  Good luck with your search! To keep up to date on the positions we are recruiting for, or additional articles, come back to us here at staffingtampabay and check us out!

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