According to a recent Gallup poll, only a third of employees are engaged in their work. This means most of your employees are showing up, putting in time, but aren’t really invested in what they’re doing. So they’re not working as efficiently, as productively, and they’re certainly not working with as much passion as they could be. But if you can keep your employees happy, stimulated and genuinely interested in their tasks and responsibilities, the quality of their work will increase significantly. Here are some tips for keeping your employees focused and engaged.

Communicate often and effectively

First and foremost, you need to be able to convey your vision to your team. They need to understand where you’re headed and how their efforts contribute to those goals. They should feel like you’re all working together. Second, it’s important to check in regularly with the whole team and with individuals. Offer feedback as often as possible and provide opportunities to discuss ongoing projects and brainstorm solutions. It’s a good way to track morale, reduce anxiety, share information, problem solve and minimize uncertainty.

Provide resources

Your employees can’t be expected to do what they’re expected to if you don’t supply them the right tools. Double-check that each individual has the right training, materials, technology and support.

Encourage growth

Commit to helping your employees achieve their personal career goals and caring about their future. If you can help them develop skills and learn new ones, it will help them improve in their current job and prepare them for future opportunities. And they’ll be grateful for your support, increasing their loyalty to you and your company.

Create a supportive environment

When people have friends and personal connections at work, they’re happier and more invested in their responsibilities. It helps build a sense of solidarity and that everyone’s working together toward common goals. Encourage camaraderie, socializing and promoting their own passions, special events or service projects. For example, if you have an employee who plays in a band, let them promote their shows. It’ll make them feel valued and encourage everyone else to form stronger bonds.

Reward employee efforts

Your team needs to know you value their talents and their contributions. Offer regular praise for solid efforts and reward accomplishments with bonuses, prizes or promotions. Let them know you recognize how hard they’re working and that you really appreciate the positive impact they’re having on the company. Show them their contributions matter and help the company achieve its goals.

Be kind and fair

Say “thank you” for a job well done and don’t hesitate to apologize and admit you were wrong when appropriate. They’ll respect your honesty and trust your sincerity. Motivate your employees with immediate praise and rewards. They don’t necessarily have to be financial rewards, but they do have to be fair. And lighten up—people are more productive when they enjoy themselves!

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