There’s nothing wrong with working hard to impress your boss. It means you’re probably doing exactly what you need to be doing to fulfill your responsibilities and excel in your job, even pushing yourself to get ahead and take on new duties. It also helps you stand out when it comes time for performance reviews—your boss can help you achieve that raise or promotion you’ve had your sights set on. Or, if you leave the company, they might serve as a reference the next time you get hired. Here are five tips for impressing your boss each day.

Keep asking to do more

Don’t overload yourself with too much work, but do get into the habit of asking to do more, especially in those moments when you’ve finished your work for the day. Instead of looking to duck out early, ask if there’s anything else you can do to take some extra work off your boss’s plate. Making their job easier is a good way to make them really appreciate you. And being busy makes those long hours fly by at the end of the day, not to mention that you’ll gain valuable experience and learn something new.

Don’t be on time

Never be on time, always be early. Even if you work on a flexible schedule or in an environment where lateness is tolerated, being on time, and even early, makes you seem more competent, productive and efficient. Your boss and your co-workers will know they can depend on you and you’ll always be where you need to be.

Have a positive attitude

A genuine smile and a can-do attitude will go a long way with most bosses, so aim to be a force of positive energy in your office. And don’t get sucked into office gossip or drama—that stuff always seems to come back to bite you.

Get to know them personally

You don’t have to be best friends with your boss, but when they tell you about their family, their personal passions and hobbies or their weekend pursuits, remember those details. People are always impressed when you remember anecdotes about them and ask about their personal lives in a sincerely interested way. It makes them feel respected and appreciated.

Keep your word

It’s easy to turn into a people pleaser—you’re just trying to be agreeable and end up telling people what they want to hear. Which is fine as long as you can also be effective in your job and follow through on those promises. But if you don’t keep your word, you’ll lose credibility and people won’t trust what you say.

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