As a manager, it’s crucial to make sure your employees feel appreciated. When they start to feel you don’t value or respect them, they’ll disengage from their responsibilities, their performance will decline, and eventually, they’ll start to look elsewhere. Which is something you can’t afford—finding, hiring, and training new employees costs both time and money. Here are some simple and affordable ways to show your employees you appreciate them.

Reward with praise

This seems straightforward and obvious, but it’s amazing how many employers overlook this. You can thank them in person, send a handwritten note, thank them publicly in a team meeting or even just shoot them a quick email that lets them know you’ve noticed their recent accomplishments or how hard they’ve been working. Simply saying “thank you” is easy and it goes a long way.

Free food

This can be done in so many ways: a sundae bar, donuts, a pizza party, a company potluck. You could even make it a weekly thing, like Taco Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday or Monday afternoon cookies. You can even just spend a few dollars at Costco or Sam’s Club every month and stock up on treats to have on hand in the break room. No one needs a crew of hangry employees on their hands!

Employee of the Month

Institute a program where you recognize one employee each month for the quality of their performance and their solid efforts. And you can allow your employees to nominate their co-workers, which kills two birds with one stone—you’re rewarding one employee while letting your other employees feel like their input is respected and valued.

Company outings

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just an occasional field trip to have fun and encourage bonding: bowling, laser tag or karaoke. Nothing that requires too many skills or athleticism, just something everyone can enjoy for a few hours.

Plan happy hours

Of course, it’s even better if your company can foot the bill for it, but if not, it’s still nice for everyone to get out of the office and socialize for an afternoon or evening, either a happy hour or a dinner.

Ask for input

Put in a suggestion box. Show your employees their opinions matter and you respect their insights and viewpoints.

Allow flex scheduling

This is doable, especially if you set some parameters. Maybe you require that everyone’s in the office a certain number of hours each week or that everyone’s present for a weekly staff meeting. You could also let them leave early from time to time or reward an employee who just accomplished something big with a work-from-home day.

Celebrate milestones

It could be a big birthday, a wedding, the birth of a child or completing a marathon. Whatever it is, celebrate. Get a card, a banner and some cake and call it a party.

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