More often than not, when people find out that I am in staffing and recruiting, one of the first questions they ask is about resumes.  What do recruiters do with a resume when they see it? Is there a specific format that is better than another? How can a candidate stand out among their competition?  Here is the truth of the matter, it depends! It depends on the recruiter, it depends on the position, it depends on the company, and it depends on how your resume will be presented.

BUT! Regardless of how and why a recruiter finds you, there is one absolute truth. A well designed, fabulously written, concise, and easy to read resume will always be to your benefit. Now don’t overhear me, I didn’t say it would get you the role you are seeking. But a great resume can certainly help you stand out from a crowd.

A Professional Can Help With Your Resume

This week I briefly participated in the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches Conference held on Clearwater Beach. The dedication and engagement I saw from these professionals was refreshing because they took seriously their responsibility to perform at the highest level for their clients. These are people, who are mostly small business owners, who were investing in themselves to be better at what they do. I absolutely love and respect the passion and engagement they brought with them. Needless to say, they got me thinking.

Most of the people we see, write their resumes themselves. When the resume is finished, a spouse or friend usually edits it and the candidate starts sending it to friends, mentors, and recruiters. We know candidates will stress over their resume and worry about the content, length, wording, formatting, and structure. Writing a resume is not something candidates do on a daily basis. Over time trends change, new formats are developed, and better strategies are deployed. Unless you write resumes frequently, how would the average candidate know this?

When a resume is submitted to a company it is usually the first, and possibly only, impression you will make on that company. How they view you will in large part be determined by the words you use in your resume.  Think about it. Normally, how does a person get the interview for their dream job? Usually, it’s because of their resume. As professionals we spend so much time and effort on certifications and professional development, why would you NOT invest in yourself to have a resume that showcases all of that perfectly? Why not work with a person who is up to date on current resume trends and hiring practices?

Tailor Your Resume To You and The Role

I like to tell people that a great resume will help you get the interview and a great interview will get you the job.  Resumes are NOT a one size fits all option. Tailor all of your resumes to your personality, your accomplishments, and your goals…and the position you are applying for.

There is no question we are in a candidate’s market today with such historically low unemployment rates. Businesses are screaming for professional, committed, high-quality people.  Now is the perfect time for candidates to test the waters to see if there are other positions out there that help you grow in your career or better fit the work-life balance you need in your life. But if you want to do it right, look at investing in yourself and your future by putting forward the best resume possible.  Look locally to see what resume writers are in your region, or look here for options:

Get your resume updated today, even if you aren’t actively pursuing new opportunities. You never know when a recruiter may call with a huge opportunity. Remember, you only get one chance to make that first impression! To learn more about PrideStaff, or see articles like this one, please check out for more articles like this.

2 Responses to “Great Resumes Do Make A Difference!”

  1. Patricia Mcguffin

    I’ve been out of the work force for a while now. But this I know for sure, I’ve ran a lot of machines and being the only woman in the place of tool and die makers that I was the best among the men. They would bring the work to me. The same goes for every production factory and or warehouse. I was quickly advanced to line leader. I absolutely love this kind of work and would enjoy doing it again. Unfortunately the company moved up north and due to family’s health I had to stay behind. I also worked as a /supervisor /server which I really liked but nothing compares to production work. Not afraid to get my hands dirty and work very hard. It’s part of the job description that I bring on with encouragement. I feel like I would be an asset to your company. Thank you
    Patricia mcguffin


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