Hiring is a tricky process. It takes time and focus, and the wrong hire can cost you time and money, not to mention a drop in morale. So, as you’re weeding through resumes and not falling in love with any applicants, remember there are really great candidates out there who haven’t even applied for your job. In fact, many are currently working and aren’t even actively looking for a job. The good news is that those passive candidates can be found! Here are tips for attracting passive job seekers.

Get Your Company Name Out There

Depending on the size and nature of your company, many qualified candidates may have never heard of your company. You can start as simple as social media to start marketing your company. Share interesting tidbits, news and updates, and keep your website up-to-date so when people do hear about your company, they can easily look it up and be wowed. Promote your company as a really great place to work, always have a stack of business cards on you, and be prepared to talk it up any chance you get.

Be Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool to go fishing for passive candidates. Search by any requirements you want and reach out to those people. Let them know about your openings and invite them to apply.

Attend Real Events

Just as important as connecting online is connecting face-to-face. Hit up industry-related seminars, workshops, conferences and networking events. Be prepared to brag about what a great place to work your company is, hand them a business card or a company brochure, and, when you come across some top talent, invite them into your office for an informal meeting.

Ask Employees for Referrals

No one understands what it takes to work at your company like the people who already work there. So when an opening comes up, ask your team to spread the word to their most qualified friends. They’re also the best people to recruit because they recognize who would fit into your culture—they won’t fight for anyone who they don’t want to work with. And they can give honest, first-hand testimonials of how awesome it is to work there as they try to bring people on.

Use Your Network

Tell your friends, colleagues at other companies, and former co-workers about the openings in your company. Sometimes the best hires are friends of friends of friends.

Time It Right

Sometimes you come across the perfect candidate who’s just not ready to leave their current job yet. They’re in the middle of a great project, they’re really loyal to their boss, or they think there’s a good chance for advancement where they are. But that can change quickly. Be patient. When you find great talent, leave it open-ended. Let them know that when they’re ready to start looking for something new, you’re willing to talk.

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