There’s nothing worse for your company than having a position open for too long. Certain tasks won’t get done, other employees will have to pick up the slack, and eventually your team’s morale will suffer. In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to have employees who up and leave at a moment’s notice, lured by greener pastures elsewhere. Still, you want to fill those roles as soon as possible. Here’s how to hire good candidates quickly.

Look Internally

Chances are, you have an employee or two who’s a perfect match for the role you’re looking to fill. It might mean you’re able to simply redistribute responsibilities among your current team and not need to hire anyone else at all. Just make sure everyone’s compensated appropriately. Or it will mean you’re able to shift one employee over to the new role and hire someone else to fill that employee’s old job. 

Incentivize Employee Referrals

No one knows what it takes to work at your company better than your own employees. They can tell in an instant whether a candidate will fit into your culture, and they probably know several friends or former colleagues from elsewhere who might meet your hiring needs right now. So offer incentives — bonuses or gift cards — for employees who successfully refer a candidate who results in a good hire.

Write a Clear Job Description

You can’t expect a quality hire if your job description isn’t accurate and your applicants don’t truly understand what role they’re applying for. In fact, misunderstandings when hiring are pretty common, but the confusion often results in discontent, someone quitting, and then having to start the hiring process all over again.

Only Interview the Best

There’s no doubt the most time-consuming part of hiring is scheduling and conducting interviews, so only pick the best resumes to interview. Don’t bother bringing in mediocre candidates or candidates who don’t quite seem like a good fit. If you’re not sure about someone, schedule a phone interview to prescreen them. Then, if you’re still interested, bring them in to meet in person.

Streamline the Decision Makers

Don’t involve more stakeholders than necessary. When you’re deciding which candidate to offer the job to, don’t ask every single manager to weigh in. Only include the most important ones. Too many opinions can mean a lengthy debate, so cut people out who don’t matter.

Delegate and Plan Ahead

Eventually you’re going to need to check references, so ask for them right away and start checking them as soon as you can. You might even delegate that to someone else in your company so you can focus on interviewing and other tasks while they’re calling around getting insight. If you don’t start that immediately, you’ll inevitably be sitting around, waiting for someone to get back to you before you can make the best decision.

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