There are more advantages to hiring temporary employees than most companies realize. It’s often a lot cheaper and easier than hiring permanent part-time and full-time employees and with less of a commitment. If you hire someone temporarily who’s not performing as well as you’d like, you should be able to replace the employee. On the other hand, if you hire a temporary employee who performs well, you can always make them a permanent employee with relative ease. Here are four benefits of using temporary employees.

More versatile functions

Temporary employees can perform a lot of different roles throughout your company. They can take over for absent employees or fill in during busier times of the year. And if your company has to suffer budget cuts or some sort of restructuring, it’s a lot easier to eliminate temporary positions than permanent ones.

Save money

Depending on how you structure pay and benefits for your employees, you probably won’t have to pay out full benefits to your temporary employees. Usually, you’ll pay workers’ compensation and overtime, but you can save on medical and dental benefits, vacation and sick pay, retirement and other income benefits that are typically just for your permanent employees.

Find the right talent

Sometimes you have a job opening you just can’t find the right candidate for. Instead of settling for a lesser candidate, hiring a temporary employee is a good solution. If the temporary employee knocks your socks off and does a great job, you can always offer them a permanent role, and then invest in more thorough training. But if they don’t work out, you haven’t really lost much, especially if you didn’t put too much into training them.

Save training costs

When you hire a temporary employee, you should invest in onboarding and training them so they’re up to speed and prepared to do the work you need them to, but you can be selective about what types of training you invest in. As their role in your company evolves, you can tailor training to fit the temporary employee’s needs.

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