As an HR manager, you want your company to be a great place to work. You want a strong corporate culture where your employees feel comfortable and supported and motivated to perform well to help power your company to sustainable growth. Here are six tips for improving your HR strategy.

Develop a corporate culture

Every company should strive for a strong company culture, so define yours and make it one to be proud of. You might be a formal company with a traditional dress code. Or you might be more casual, with flex scheduling, no dress code, open workspaces, and dogs tagging along with their owners to work. Find out what your employees love most about working at your company and strengthen those aspects—they’re the pieces that will attract new applicants.

Update job descriptions

As jobs in your company evolve, keep those job descriptions updated. You might have slight shifts in responsibilities, either because people share duties or technology eliminates certain tasks. If you keep the descriptions current, everyone will be clear on what they’re supposed to be doing and you’ll be able to post openings at a moment’s notice, shortening the time that a position is vacant.

Conduct exit interviews

If your company has had a lot of turnover, you should be tracking why they’re leaving. Rewrite exit interview questions so you learn about their experiences with your company, any feedback they have, where they’re going and why. Stress to them that their honesty and cooperation helps you improve your company. And what happens when people leave? Are the recruiting and training costs a lot to handle? Can some jobs go unfilled?

Create a mentorship program

Pair your veteran employees with your newer employees to make sure your less experienced team members are on the right track. It also creates a bond between your employees that helps foster collaboration and brainstorming.

Provide training and development

You can’t expect your team to perform if they’re not properly trained. Make training available and communicate those options to your employees so they can take advantage of those opportunities. When you invest in your employees’ professional development, they’re more likely to remain loyal to your company.

Create an onboarding plan

It’s important to welcome all your new hires so they get the feel for your workplace, are properly trained, and feel comfortable when they come in their first day. You might consider sending them all the necessary paperwork ahead of time, so they can hit the ground running when they first come in. Give them a tour of the whole building and their workspace and provide some type of organizational chart so they can see who reports to whom. And treat them to a little something extra—consider a gift card, some apparel with your company logo on it, or at least some free pens or a coffee mug.

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