Hiring is a busy time for most employers. You’re scanning resumes, scheduling interviews, holding interviews, and conducting background checks. But no matter how busy you are, you should still take a few minutes to follow up with candidates after you meet with them. It’s a sign of courtesy and respect, it keeps the candidates you’re still interested in on the line, and it gives closure to the candidates you’re no longer interested in. Here’s more on the importance of following up with candidates after job interviews.

Give closure

Think about the last time you were looking for a new job—all you wanted were answers. It’s not easy to wait for companies to get back to you and some never do. And that’s very frustrating! Don’t leave your candidates hanging. Let them know as soon as you’ve made a decision. You may have decided you’re no longer interested in them or you may be telling them they’re still in the running and you’ll make a final decision in the next few days. Remember that if you don’t follow up with them, chances are they’ll be calling you back each chance they get.

Show respect

Consider that uncertain job seeker. They’re waiting to hear back so they know whether to pursue more leads, accept a job elsewhere or whether they’re still considering you. Let them know so they can move on. If you’re receiving hundreds of resumes and applications, it’s hard to get to everyone in a personalized way. But remember that each candidate spent at least an hour preparing an application for you, so the least you can do is send an automated response.

Develop your hiring brand

When you’re hiring, you want your company to be an appealing place to work, so you need to be as welcoming and respectful as possible. Offer them something to eat or drink or something free with your company logo on it. Then make sure you’re starting interviews on time, you’ve read the candidate’s resume, and you’re completely prepared before the interview starts. Professionalism, friendliness, and punctuality go a long way in terms of making sure your candidates will remember your company in a positive light.

Anticipate reviews

Remember that your candidates all talk to one another and leave reviews on sites like Glassdoor. If they’re leaving bad reviews or hearing bad things from other candidates, those really talented, qualified candidates aren’t going to apply. In other words, your next round of job applicants might be really limited. But good, positive reviews will bring in the best of the best, so even when you turn applicants away, treating them well goes a long way.

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