When your top candidate refuses your job offer, it can be pretty frustrating. Especially when they check all the boxes, they seem like the perfect fit, and everyone’s really excited about hiring them. And sometimes it’s hard to understand why they suddenly don’t want the job, particularly if they seemed super enthused about it just a few days before. Here’s what you can do when a candidate rejects your job offer.

Be gracious

Be professional and courteous. There are a million valid reasons that a candidate could have turned down a perfectly good offer. Let them know you’re disappointed, wish them luck, and you might even ask them if you can keep them in mind for additional openings in the future. If you respond angrily or unprofessionally, you risk getting bad reviews, either online or through word of mouth.

Figure out why

You can definitely ask why when a candidate declines a job offer. It might be their life circumstances have changed expectantly, the salary is too low, they got a better offer elsewhere, or you took too long to make an offer. It’s probably late to change anything for this candidate, but you should at least consider their reasons as you proceed with other applicants in the future. Don’t try to guilt them into taking a job they don’t truly want—the best employees are the ones who are fully committed and excited to be there.

Don’t reject the candidate altogether

Even though the candidate didn’t want this particular job, they might be interested in a future job opening down the road, so don’t remove them from your database or toss out their resume in a dramatic act of anger and frustration. Instead, keep as much information as you can on the candidate and don’t hesitate to contact them later on. Be compassionate—there are very valid reasons for turning down a job.

Move forward

Regardless of how things stand with this candidate, you still need to fill the position. Start by looking at the other top candidates on your list. Can you extend an offer to Candidate #2? If so, do it. Otherwise you might have to widen your search and open it up to a new round of applicants.

Examine your process

If you’re finding that many of the candidates are declining your job offers, you need to figure out why. Is your compensation not competitive enough? Are you not conducting interviews properly? Is something about your company culture turning them off? When you identify the source of the problem, work to fix it. Hiring is the most important piece of reducing turnover and finding employees who will be engaged, motivated, and loyal.

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