Sometimes we just don’t have a great day at work and find ourselves more consumed by our Instagram feed or dreaming about our next vacation than our daily responsibilities. You’re unfocused, unmotivated, and not finishing any of the tasks you should. And a little bit of that is probably okay, but if you find yourself doing that for days or even weeks at a time, you need to take action before it becomes your whole mindset. Here are three tips for getting out of a rut at work.

Evaluate your issue

Time for some serious self-examination. Be honest with yourself and figure out what’s gone wrong. When was the last time you felt okay about work? Has something happened that triggered the change? It could be a problem at work, like a conflict with a new boss or coworker. Perhaps it was a setback in your latest project that’s frustrating you. Maybe you feel underappreciated or like you’re in a dead-end job. It could be a personal issue—you’re distracted at work because you’re worried about your finances or an argument with your spouse.

And finally, consider whether your rut might be related to your physical state. Are you tired, exhausted, or even feverish? Are you stressed and overexerting yourself and making yourself sick? Or perhaps you’re eating poorly, sleeping poorly, and not getting enough exercise. Sometimes a lack of energy can be remedied with a little bit of a workout routine.

Focus on one thing at a time

Sometimes work becomes so overwhelming and your to-do list becomes so long that you become paralyzed, unable to tackle it at all. When that happens, it’s best to break it down into smaller sections and focus on thing at a time. Start with the most important things. Then the most urgent things. Write that email real quick. Finish that report. Schedule that meeting. With each item you accomplish your momentum will pick up until you feel productive and successful again.

Identify something you’re avoiding

You might find that your work slump is a direct result of you avoiding some major decision you need to make. You might be avoiding a difficult decision with your boss. Or finalizing a big project because you’re not sure if it’s right. You might even be wondering whether this job is really for you and whether there’s a future for you at your company. It’s time to confront that decision, be realistic with yourself, and move on. Not only will you address an important matter, but you’ll be able to climb out of that work rut and more forward again.

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