It’s important to get to know your employees to be an effective leader. You don’t have to be their best friend, but when they know you value them and care about them, they’re more likely to work hard for you and remain loyal to your company. When you respect them, they’ll respect you. You want your employees to feel comfortable coming to you and sharing their problems with you. Here’s how you can get to know your employees better.

Use small talk

Small talk never hurts anyone. Just ask some questions when you encounter your employees in the hallway, in the break room, or the elevator. Ask about birthdays, weekend plans, kids and grandkids. Casually find out what you can without being nosy or pushy. The more comfortable they are talking with you, the more likely they are to communicate problems, concerns, issues, and setbacks.

Be approachable

Leave your door open as much as possible and encourage your employees to stop in and chat. Don’t be dismissive or you’ll discourage their openness and honesty. Be friendly and welcoming. If you don’t have time for them in that moment, set up a time later when they can come back.

Host social events

Whether it’s a happy hour, potluck lunch, coffee outing or something bigger like a day of team building, seeing your employees in a different environment might help you discover new talents and traits and understand them better. The more you learn about them, the better you can comprehend how they make decisions and what motivates them.

Encourage your team

Let your team know that they have your support and that you want to empower them with the right resources and tools and training to be successful. As long as they’re working in the best interest of your company, you’ll have their back and help them in both personal and professional endeavors.

Support professional development

One of the best ways to show your employees that you appreciate them and trust them is to invest in their professional development. Not only will it keep your employees loyal to you and the company, but your team will benefit with the new skills and knowledge that your employees will pick up.

Be compassionate

When you hear about your employees’ struggles, concerns, and setbacks, be compassionate. Listen closely, validate people’s feelings, and assure your employees that you’ll do your best to try and help. If a personal issue or hardship comes up for one of your employees, do your best to be understanding and accommodate for personal time and other generosities.

The better you know your employees, the more they’ll trust you and stay loyal to you and your company. It also gives you the chance to learn more of their skills and talents that you can use to strengthen your team. For more tips on getting to know your employees and keeping them motivated, contact PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater today.

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