When you’re working with a staffing firm, there are several different ways to hire people. Depending on your situation, you might opt for a temporary employee, a temp-to-hire, or a direct-hire position. Each has its own set of pros and cons, and you have to decide what’s best for your company. Temporary employment, managed by the staffing firm, is probably best for seasonal work or special projects. Temp-to-hire is an excellent way to test out a new employee and decide whether you want to make them permanent fixtures in your company. And direct hires are usually permanent, full-time positions with benefits. Read on for three benefits of bringing on a direct-hire through a staffing firm.

Attract better candidates

Perhaps one of the strongest benefits of a direct-hire placement is that you’ll attract more talented and experienced candidates. Most job seekers are more likely to leave their current position for a full-time job with the promise of benefits, perks, and career advancement than they are for a job that’s only temporary. Generally, temporary and temp-to-hire positions are better suited for entry-level employees or people just looking to gain some experience. Still, direct hires are usually for more skilled and experienced candidates.

Earn a stronger commitment

Direct hires usually have the mindset that they’re in it for the long haul. They’re appreciative of the salary and benefits they earn, so they’re more committed to your company. In return, they’ll expect promotions, raises, and professional development to help advance their careers. Temporary employees, on the other hand, understand that they’re only there for a few weeks or months and after that. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t going to work as hard, it does mean that they’re not going to invest themselves in your company in the same way. They’ll put in the effort and get the job done, but they’re not quite as committed to your long-term goals and vision.

Show off the perks

Temporary and temp-to-hire employees are paid and offered benefits through the staffing company. But direct hires, on the other hand, are paid by the company itself, meaning that you have the freedom and flexibility to extend special perks and bonuses to all your prospective applicants. If you want to offer a little bit more money to sweeten the offer to your top candidate, you’re free to do so. Otherwise, with a temporary hire, you’re dependent on the means of the staffing agency to appeal to the candidates and make the deal work.

Unemployment is pretty low right now, meaning that you need to do your best to attract the best job candidates. Direct hire positions are much more appealing to job seekers because they have better perks and benefits and want a company that they can make a full commitment to. For more tips on crafting the perfect job offer to your top candidates, contact PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater today.

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