A good employee is nothing to take for granted. If you have some all-star employees on your team, you need to do everything in your power to keep them happy and keep them at your company. Fortunately, you can take advantage of their talents and help them to thrive at work at the same time you keep them satisfied and happy. And in the process, you might even be able to help out some of your weaker employees as well. Here’s how you can retain your top employees.

Appreciate them

There are so many ways to show your employees that you appreciate them, so you can choose what you do based on your company culture, the personality of your employees, and your budget. Some employees like a little public recognition, as in congratulating them on your company’s social media page or acknowledging them in a large meeting. While other employees would prefer a one-on-one conversation or a simple thank-you note, others would welcome new challenges—bigger projects and leadership opportunities. And if you have it in your budget, offer bonuses, gift cards, or team parties.

Give them freedom

Your best employees have specific strengths, so let them tackle projects and assignments that capitalize on those skills and talents. Give them the autonomy to run with those projects and empower them with the right resources and equipment to excel in their jobs. As they advance and grow, they’ll soon become experts in their field.

Let them lead and teach

As your top employees grow into experts, take advantage of their knowledge and expertise by letting them become company leaders and teachers. Pair them up with employees who are struggling or who need a bit more training and allow them to mentor them. Or maybe just give them the opportunity to give a presentation to the rest of the team. Not only will your weaker employees become stronger with increased knowledge and training, but your stronger ones will grow their confidence and become the future leaders of your company.

Ask for feedback

Meet with all your employees regularly to ask for feedback on the company, on your management style, and their own careers. Ask them what you can do to support them, what additional resources and training they need, and anything else you can do for them to help make their jobs easier. When they feel like their opinions are valued and that you’re invested in their career, they’re more likely to be happy and remain loyal to your company.

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