So, you’re hiring, and you’ve narrowed it down to two solid job candidates, and you’re not sure who to hire. It’s certainly a good problem to have! Most companies struggle to find just one candidate who’s qualified, so if you’ve found two, you’re pretty lucky. But before the indecisiveness paralyzes you, let’s problem-solve and think this through. After all, if you wait too long to decide, they’ll both get scooped up by other companies, and you won’t have any qualified candidates. Here’s what you do if you have two strong job candidates.

Think about the long-term

Yes, you’re hiring because you have an immediate opening on your staff that needs to be filled but think about what needs you might have in six months, in a year, in three years, that might need to be addressed. Perhaps you know of another employee who will need to be replaced soon. Can one of your candidates fill that role? Or, is one of your candidates a long-term hire, and do they have the potential to grow and develop into a leader? Think about which one would add more value in the long run.

Consider a cultural fit

A good cultural fit should not be underestimated. See if you can figure out which of the two candidates will fit in well and thrive in your work environment. Consider who they’ll be working directly with—will those personalities mesh? Or can you foresee a conflict? You might want to introduce both candidates to the rest of your team and then ask them what they think before you make an offer.

Evaluate their enthusiasm

Passion is a big buzzword nowadays and for good reason. It’s a really valuable asset when you have an employee who’s really fired up and enthusiastic about their work. That energy and excitement can easily spread to the rest of your team and keep people motivated to work hard and perform well. Think about which candidate seemed more interested and asked better more insightful questions.

Hire both

Okay, admittedly, this isn’t a feasible solution for all companies, but if it makes sense for yours and you really can’t choose between the two, go ahead and hire both. Of course, you need an adequate budget to pay two salaries and enough of a workload to justify two new employees, but don’t take two quality job candidates for granted. And if you can keep them around long-term, it’s worth it. You may have hired a future manager or executive for your company—someone who will revolutionize the whole place and power your company toward sustainable growth!

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