Recently we had a candidate who accepted a position while in our office. As they opened the door to leave, they stopped, turned, and said, thank you for saving my life. Now, I’m not going to lie, I know we are not miracle workers, and this is not a post about how great we are. But when a statement like that is made, you realize the impact you can have on a person’s life. It’s not a statement you forget.

We Work With Variable Products

Ask any recruiter and I’m willing to bet they will tell you they work with a variable product, human beings. How they interview for me, is not necessarily the same way they will interview with you. Quite frankly, that is true on both sides of the hiring process.

When a person walks into an interview with me, they don’t know if I just landed or lost a big engagement for my company or had some other significant events happen that changes my mood. Conversely, I don’t know if the candidate just heard their mother is sick, or if an earlier interview just called back to schedule a 2nd interview.  My point being, no interview process is fail-safe. There will always be external factors that can influence the interviewing process both positively and negatively. It’s that human aspect that makes recruiting so rewarding and frustrating at the same time! But when candidates make statements like the one above, it really hits home with why we do what we do.

Unrealistic Expectations

Routinely, we take calls from candidates who are looking for work and they ask if we “represent” candidates or call us upset because we have never “found” them work. Trust me, we would like nothing better than to help you find a new role for your career. If I could, I would place every person that walks through our front doors because it would mean my business is exploding. Unfortunately, that just isn’t realistic. All I can tell you is that generally speaking if we have a role that fits your experience and desire, we will work with the client to see if they have any interest in you. But we are not the final decision-maker.

We Get Frustrated Too

Trust me, TRUST ME!!! We also become frustrated! We aren’t any different than you. When we submit you for a role, it’s because we think you fit the parameters of what the client is looking for. But the final decision still rests with the employer, not us.  There are times we really think we have found the perfect role for a person who has been fabulous to work with…and the employer doesn’t agree with us. It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but it happens.

I believe most recruiters are in the business because we enjoy helping people. We do not go out of our way to ignore or shun candidates. We want the best for you. I suspect virtually every recruiter has a positive story like ours in their memory banks that they lean on from time to time. But we are human just like you. We do the best job we can with the time and resources we have available and hope for the best. Keep coming back to for articles like this one!

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