Even if you have the worst, most depressing job ever, you can boost your mood at any time during the day. And the rest of us also hit those momentary lulls at work—when we hit an obstacle, disagree with a coworker, have a looming deadline, or just run into that late afternoon wall, when all your energy suddenly fades. Fortunately, your mood is totally in your control. Here are some tips to help you improve your mood at work.

Appreciate someone else

Go ahead, tell your coworker how great they are. Tell someone what a great job they did. Or that you recognize how hard they’re working. Or how you appreciate everything they do because it makes your job easier. Pay compliments forward. When you see someone smile because of something you said or did, it’ll make you smile, too.

Add some flare

Get a small plant for your workspace. Or some pictures of your close friends and family. Decorate your cubicle, desk, or locker to perk you up when you start to feel bored or sad at work.

Make friends

Take a break from your work and befriend some of your coworkers. Go hang out in the break room for a bit and share some jokes and funny stories. Ask people about their hobbies, personal lives, and favorite sports teams. People love to talk about themselves, and they’ll feel closer to you once you have a bond. Then at the very least, you’ll have some friends to cheer you up when you hit a wall at work.

Take a break

And while you’re making friends, take a productive break. Take a walk, stand up and stretch, or watch a silly video. Even just five minutes can be long enough to reenergize you and return to work, ready to hit the ground running.

Set some goals

Setting goals during the day keeps you moving forward and gives you a sense of purpose. Plus, they can make you more productive and help you decide what you need to focus on. If you keep checking off boxes on your to-do list, you’ll feel more accomplished.

Learn something new

One of the reasons people get frustrated or annoyed at work is because they feel like they have no control over what they’re doing. So, take ownership. Pick a new skill to learn and spend a few minutes each day teaching it to yourself. You’ll feel productive, and you’ll have something new to add to your resume.

Play some music

Pick your favorite music and blast it. With headphones, of course. Music boosts your energy, enhances your mood, and makes you more productive.

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