The goal of any manager is to coach your employees to reach their full potential and reach success. But how can you do that? There are so many personalities to consider, not to mention setbacks and obstacles that seem paralyzing to some people. Plus, you have so many other things to handle—budgets, marketing strategies, and year-end goals—do you really have time to help people grow? The answer is yes! Encouraging your employees to get better should be a priority. It’ll help with employee retention and grow your business. Here are the best ways to challenge your employees to reach their potential.

Point out potential

Get to know your employees and figure out where they have potential. Then sit down with them and design a plan to help them get there. When you set high expectations for your employees and assure them that you believe they can be successful, they’ll be confident, too. Without your encouragement and support, they might dismiss their ambition. Challenge them and then check in regularly to check on their progress and praise their efforts.

Eliminate complacency

People tend to love the status quo. And they love to continue doing what they’re good at. It’s all about staying comfort zones. So, push your employees to step out of their comfort zones! Challenge them to take a risk, to learn a new skill, to practice something that they consider to be a weakness. Otherwise, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing instead of doing what will make them better.

Learn from failure

When you’re looking to grow, failure and mistakes are inevitable. So, make failure a welcome part of your culture. Instead of making it a bad thing with a negative stigma attached, make it part of the process, something to learn from. Don’t berate them or criticize them, just encourage them to move forward and look for new opportunities ahead. If your team is scared to take a risk, worried about your criticism, there will be no chance for improvement and innovation.

Praise the effort

When employees know that you value hard work, they’ll be more likely to work hard. If you focus on their innate skills, they start to develop a fixed mindset that their success will only go as far as these skills will take them. But if you recognize and reward effort, perseverance, and resilience, that will become their focus, and results will follow. Remind them that progress and process are valuable, and that risk-taking and mistakes can actually enhance learning and success.

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